Friday, March 23, 2007

31 December 2006, Sunday

You are now 2 weeks, 1 day old and how are things so far? Well, you are starting to stay awake more often in the day and sleep more in the night. This meant that I would be able to sleep more in the night too.

However, your demands for breast milk are not stable yet. There were times when you could go 3 to 4 hours between feeds and sometimes (usually in the late afternoons and evenings) you demanded to be fed every hourly. So during those hours, Mummy would be extremely tired.

On top of the tiredness, there were the sore nipples that I had to bear. I had to grit my teeth whenever I latch you on. I checked and checked to ensure that you latched on properly and it seemed to be so but still my nipples remained cracked and terribly sore.

Another thing to note, you liked to poo immediately after we change a new diaper for you. So you had actually wasted quite a number of diapers and that drove Daddy up the wall!

24 December 2006, Sunday

It had been a week and a day since you were borned. The three days stay at the hospital was very much like we were on vacation. The nurses only brought you to the room when you were hungry. Upon the completion of feeding, you were wheeled back to the nursewry. They would keep you in the nursery up to 3 hours. During that period, Daddy and Mummy would get a good rest.

At the same time, Mummy's stitches were healing very well so this time round, the delivery and recuperating part was easy.

Then came the difficult part - going home! Once home, we had to handle things on our own. On top of that, there was the routine of housework, Ashlyn to take care and work to be done.

Once home, you were put in your playpen to continue your baby sleep. Daddy and Mummy went about getting the house organised. Packing up, washing the milk bottles and breast pumps, sterilising them.

The first day at home seemed to go well. You fed and slept but you usually drank from one breast and would fall off to slumber land. I attributed that to the fact that you were having a little jaundice. (Jaundice can cause a baby to be very sleepy). So the first night was not too difficult for us to handle.

It was the same on the second day home, Tuesday. Due to your sleepiness, the day was relatively okay and everything went well. The problem came when it was night time. When everyone was sleeping you realised that you were hungry and needed to fill your tummy. So you slept little and drank almost ever hour.

On 20th December, Wednesday, you were scheduled for a check-up with the paediatrician. so we bundled you up ensuring that you were kept warm, we set off to the clinic. Because you were showing more sign of jaundice, you had to take a blood test. We were asked to wait around for the test result. After waiting for 2 hours, we were joyful that your jaundice level was around 10 and hence there was no need for you to be admitted to the hospital. We just had to suntan you everyday in the morning.

Monday, March 12, 2007

16 December 2006, Saturday

I went through another CTG scan at about 7.30 am to track for contractions but sadly the contractions were very mild and too far apart. I was definitely disappointed at your reluctance to make your appearance into the world. However, except for praying, I can only continue to wait.

I decided to take a quick shower and it was surely a very quick one. I was still trying to adjust the temperature of the water when Daddy knocked on the door to announce the arrival of the gynae. Not wanting her to wait, I get out of the shower quickly.

Dr Chua had to examine me to check the dilation of the cervix before deciding the next move. She was also a bit disappointed with the lack of progress. She had given us two choices (before the examination) - insert another tablet, which cost $150 and then wait or to go home and wait. Since we were at the hospital, the most logical choice would be to spend another $150.

So she made the cervix examination and Boy!!! IT HURT BADLY!!! REAL BAD!!! As my cervix was located quite way back. Now, any normal person would scream the house down with such pain but since I was a little on the crazy side (and of course with God's grace and strength) I laughed to distract myself from the pain. The laughter did help in distracting myself and also Daddy. He knew I was in terrible pain but due to my comical expression, he could not help but laughed too, so did the gynae and the assisting nurse. With the laughter, I think I did a great job of lightening the mood.

No pain, no gain. Dr Chua managed to find a one centimetre dilation. So I was sent down to the labour ward for the epidural first, followed by having her break my water bag and then the drip to further induce you out.

So off we went to the observation room in the labour ward. There, I had to be shaved down below and had to be given a medication (thought the anus) to clear my bowel. Once my bowel was cleared. I was strapped up to the CTG machine and a blood pressure measuring machine. Once those were done, I was ready for the epidural.

Not long after, Dr Catherine Yap, the anaesthetist came (she was also the one who administered the epidural when I gave birth to Ashlyn). She was very fun and gentle too. While she gave me the needle, for the local anaesthetic, she kept distracting me by asking about out family's vacations overseas. Plus, whenever I felt pain, the crazy side of me kicked in and I went, "Blah, blah, blah, blah..." with my tongue. That was described as "singing" by Dr Yap. Well, I think I made her day easier. She seemed to enjoy herself too.

After the epidural is successfully set up, Dr Chua came in to break the water bag and then it was the beginning of the waiting game. As there were many mummies giving birth on that day, all the labour rooms were full so we had to wait for our turn to go into the room. At the meantime, Daddy and Mummy had to stay in the observation room (with 3 beds, separated with curtains). It was very cramp and noisy as nurses walked around the room giving instructions and talking. But by around 12.30 pm, we got a room and off we went rolling to the room on my bed.

Once in the birth room (Room 3), the environment was so soothing and comfortable that Mummy and Daddy slipped into dreamland. At around 1.45 pm, Dr Chua came in and had a quick check and confirmed that there was a 3 cm dilation plus contractions were regular and strong. However, with the epidural, I could not feel the contractions so I could still sleep comfortably.

At around 2.30 pm, I could feel the contractions in the tummy. It was not painful just that I could feel the pulling and tigthening of the uterus. At the same time, with each contraction, your heartbeat will get softer. Concerned, Daddy and I asked the nurse about this and she replied that it was normal. Then she proceeded to check on the dilation of the cervix and gladly announced that it had dilated to 9cm. The progress in just an hour was so fast and we knew that in no time, you will be arriving.

The nurses got ready all the things needed for the delivery. Such as the baby warmer (a machine that will keep you warm as you lie there for the nurse to clean up), the surgical gown for Dr Chua, the surgical equipment, the needles for Mummy and so on.

At around 3 pm, the nurses got me prepared by making me practise pushing. With each contraction, I was encouraged to push hard and push below. Daddy was there holding my hands and encouraged me to give mu best with each push. after about 4 or 5 practice pushes, your head can be seen. Daddy took a peek but was not able to see your crowning glory so the nurse made me do another practise push. Daddy saw your little head and at the same time Dr chua came bursting into the room.

Dr Chua was very delighted that the progress was fast and good. I was her 4th patient to deliver and she had one more to go. Once she was ready, I was ordered to give a big push.

The first push and your head and a little hand emerged. Daddy witnessed it with pride. With the next contraction, the second push, you came sliding out into the world to meet everyone. The sensation was like "blop, blop, blop..." in my tummy. It was like something bubbling out.

So your arrival was announced at 1512 hours on 16 December 2006. When I first saw you (you were placed on my chest immediately), I commented that you looked like your sister when she was born.

Dr Chua was very delighted to see you and she commented that you were very beautiful and looked like Daddy too. Daddy, upon hearing that was extremely happy. Me? I was happy too because you have my high forehead, sharp lips and the same face shape.

While you were taken away for cleaning and weighing with the nurse and Daddy, I "gave birth" to the placenta which was your source of food and home for 9 months (40 weeks to be exact). In the process of your birth, my virgina tore 3 cm(which was not bad in Dr Chua's eyes). She did not have time to do the episotomy, by the way.

She sewed the 3 cm up, pushed out the extra blood and also drained my bladder. And boy... my bladder was sure very full. Urine flowed non-stop for about two minutes. It was quite comical listening to the flowing urine. It sounded like an artificial waterfall (those water features that you install indoor).

Daddy and you returned to the labour ward after weighing. The following was your score card:
Weight : 3.225kg
Height: 50 cm
Head circumference: 34 cm

Compared to your sister Ashlyn's:
Weight: 3.71 kg
Height: 52 cm
Head circumference: 34 cm

So you were slightly smaller that her and that explained the easy pushing.

Hey... but both of you were as pretty as can be. Most importantly, both were healthy at birth and were blessings from God. At this juncture, Mummy and Daddy would like to thank God for the safe and fast delivery of AVERLYN TAN.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

15 December 2006, Friday

There was another appointment with the qynae. I lost a kilogram in weight and my blood pressure was a little low so was sent for a CTG scan. Well, your heartbeat seemed fine but you were sleeping most of the time. So the nurses kept pushing and poking at my tummy in the hope of waking you up.

On top of that, there was no contractions. Now, I remembered asking you to wait but that was to wait for the gynae to return from her leave not wait till your effective date had passed.

When checked by the gynae, we realised that the cervix was not open yet! Now, why are you so reluctant to come out? So, we (Daddy, gynae and me) decided that it was the time to induce you out before any complications can occur.

Gynae pushed a tablet into the cervix to help open it up. We would have to wait for 6 to 12 hours for the contractions to come in. So, I had to be warded and then we waited...

However, Ashlyn was very upset because she could not stay at the hospital with me. She was very reluctant to go home with MaMa. She called when she reached home, after she had her dinner and before she went to sleep. Now, the last call was heart wrenching because she was crying very pitifully and kept saying," Mummy, I want you!"

So little Averlyn, don't you think you should really make your way out so that your sister and me will not feel so sad?

07 December 2006, Thursday

Thank you for waiting... the gynae is back and I get to celebrate my birthday today. I think after today, you can exit your home of nine months already.

This time, I am asking you to come om out to greet us all before your sister's birthday. Now, it would not be fair to let your sister miss her birthday right?

Tomorrow is another visit to the gynae, so hopefully you can also try to give yourself a little push? Everyone is waiting anxiously for your arrival. As for me, I am also waiting as my back is breaking and now my tummy is very uncomfortable. Yet, there are still so many things not completed. My work is yet to be completed, the house seems to be in a mess, Christmas presents not wrapped yet, Christmas presents (some of them) are still not prepared.

27 November 2006, Monday

Went tot he gynae for the regular check-up the Friday before, 24 November. Everything was going well.

I had gained 2 kg withing 2 weeks and you... well, you gained 300g in the same two weeks. So, where did the rest of the 1.7kg went to? Will think about that later...after your arrival. Now, you are a healthy baby weighing 2.9kg and waiting patiently for the right time to come out and meet everyone.

But wait! The gynae would be on leave from today (27 November) to Friday (1 December). So you have been ordered to wait! Now this is a good chance to teach you your first lesson - PATIENCE! So wait!

Not only due to the fact that the gynae would be away, I still have many things to complete at work. So wait, okay? Plus, there is Ashlyn's birthday party at her school on 30 November to plan and to celebrate. The many presents we need to get for Christmas, the cleaning and packing of the house, the new nursing bras to wash, the new battery to buy for the video camera. I think you have gotten the picture... WAIT!

21 Novermber 2006, Tuesday

Today marks the day that you are 37 weeks in the womb. I had planned to get a pregnancy diary since the beginning but work took over my time. However, it is not too late now... I just change the 'pregnancy diary' into a 'growing up diary'.

So starting today, I will periodically not down the things that happen around me, in me, and then when you arrive... I will note down events pertaining to you.

You have been an active baby inside the womb. Love the way you stretch your legs and how my tummy shows your little bumps. Love to tap the little bumps to let you know that I had noticed it. Love to let Daddy tap the little bump to show that he cares for you. Love to let your sister. Ashlyn, feel you move in the womb.

Ashlyn loves you to pieces. She us always on a lookout for items that you may need when you arrive. She cannot wait to be the big sister watching over and caring for you.