Sunday, August 26, 2007

27 August 2007, Monday

Getting around is no longer a problem.
You have become a very good crawler.
Now, it can be rather difficult to make you stay at one place.
Baby proofing the house is necessary but we have not got down to doing it.

You have developed sensitive skin.
The rash on you cheek have grown so big and ugly that it hurts to see it.
With medication, the rash has started to improve.
We hope that the rashes will clear up completely.

The next feat you are trying to accomplish is standing.
You have learnt to pull yourself up using the sofa, the bed and so on.
However, you are still not able to support your weight.
So you will fall back on to your backside.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sitting pretty - 3 August 2007

You have been crawling around so baby proofing the house has to be done soon.

Now on your tummy, you are learning to sit up.

So you will twist your body so that you buttocks touch the ground. Your arms supporting your body and slowly you push yourself up to a sitting position.

While sitting, you will try to stand up. You will hold on to anything that is in front of you and slowly push yourself up. However, there are still many practice sessions before you can master this skill.