Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A happy song for Averlyn

Mummy made up a song as you have been rather cranky.

Averlyn is a happy baby,
and a happy baby is she.
She will smile.
She will laugh ... ha ha ha
She will chuckle ... hee hee hee
when we are together.
Averlyn is a happy baby
and a happy baby is she.

Upon hearing this, you will stop crying.
The power of a happy song.

Friday, October 19, 2007

New tooth - 19 October 2007, Friday

About a week ago, the second tooth made an appearance.
Hence, Mummy got more bites from you when I am nursing you.
You also managed to bite Mummy on the tummy just for the fun of it.

Other than a new tooth, there are new things you have learnt.
You have learnt to wave goodbye to people that you know.
And, you will insist on sending Daddy and your sister to the door when they leave in the mornings.
You started to slap your head recently and that got Mummy a little worried.
After a few times, Mummy realised that you were trying to send out a kiss while saying goodbye.
It can be rather amusing to see you slapping your head whilst trying to send a flying kiss.

Music... it is something that can perk you up.
You will start to "dance" when you hear the music start.

Crawling is not something new but you sure had become better at it.
You like to crawl to the bedroom to look for your sister while she is doing her homework.
Your loving sister will always carry you back out into the living room.
However, you will relentlessly crawl back to the room to look for her.