Friday, November 21, 2008

What you say at 23 months

Your repertoire of words are increasing and it is so fun to hear you tell us what you want.

However, your promounciation is far from accurate and it tickles us to hear you talk and sometimes, we will be like playing a charade trying to guess what you are saying.

Such as...

"I wan nuk" - I want milk -> I want to drink milk

"Opin pease" - open please

"Ta que" - thank you

"I wan pay" - I want play -> I want to play

"I wan pit"- I want sweet -> I want to eat sweet

"Ar choo" - Bless you

"rid boo" - read book

"I wan ti ti" - I want sh sh -> I need to go use the bathroom

"I wan bid" - I want bed -> I want to lie down on the bed

"ta ow pease" - take out please

"I wan do" - I want do

"eat brid" - eat bread

"curi pease" - carry please -> Please carry me

Monday, November 3, 2008

22 months going on to 23 months

Daycare has been going on quite well.
Eczema comes and go but Mummy constantly pray for God's healing.
You have started to be able to "talk".
Your best spoken words are...
"Dou Wan!" (don't want"

You can be quite demanding and headstrong. You like to sing and will insist that others sing for you.
Your favourite songs are...
Row, row, row the boat
Apple tree
Itsy Bitsy Spider
The wheels on the bus

When you want us to sing, you will show us the action for each particular song and we will have to start singing. If Daddy does not sing, you will command," Daddy, sing!" and if Mummy doesn't sing, you will also command,"Mummy, sing!"

And if you want a change of song, you will command,"Stop! Chane (Change)!" then you will show us the action for the next song.
You like to take a book but sitting down to read seems to be kind of difficult.
You like to draw too.
Music is still your favourite... singing and dancing.
You will also try to have a go at the piano when Ash is practising.
You are in the process of toilet training but you ended up with quite a bit of soiled panties.
You also learn very fast. You learn through observing the people around you and then you will follow.
Your favourite food will be Japanese Cucumber Maki... but I think it is the seaweed that

you like best.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At 21 months

It has been one month since you started childcare.

You enjoyed school and did not put up a big fuss when you were in school.

However, when I pick you up in the afternoons, you will start to whine for my attention.

The past month also saw an increase in your vocabulary even though you are unable to pronounce them correctly.

At the same time, you are also learning to join two words together to form a short phase.

Such as ...
Mummy roll -> this is to indicate mummy rolling the sushi rolls for dinner.
Mummy hand -> indicating that it mummy's hand
Jie jie pain -> indicating a cut or a bruise on your Jie Jie

You have also learnt to say "mine" at the same time pointing to an item to indicate that it belongs to you.

You love to learn through imitating others. So we can teach you the letters of the alphabet by having you repeat after us one at a time. It is the same as counting from one to ten. Although you may not be able to pronounce them accurately, you will not hesitate to try. Mummy likes your sense of determination to learn new things.

This sense of determination also allows you to learn things fast. You learn by watching and observing carefully what others do and you will try to do it yourself next.

You have learnt to hold a pencil in the correct way because you observe how Mummy and Ash does it when we sit down and colour together.

You have learnt to feed yourself in school shortly within a week there as you watch and observe your older friends doing that. Although you were not very good at feeding yourself at the beginning but after three weeks, you have became more confident and have been doing a good job.

You enjoyed to have your hair tied when you see that Ash gets her tied too. You will wait patiently while Mummy ties Ash's hair so that I can tie yours too. All of us thinks that you look very cute with the teeny weeny pony tails.

You also eat a lot... you can much on your cornflakes and biscuits before the school serves breakfast, then eat the breakfast served by the school, lunch, a bottle of soy milk, breast milk when you reach home, more breast milk in between your nap, even more breast milk after your nap, followed by your dinner, thereafter it is spoonfuls of rice when we eat our dinner and, of course, you will end it with breast milk.

Well, Mummy is not very worried about all the eating and drinking as they are all healthy stuff.

Monday, July 28, 2008

At 19 months...

You have not really established the art of talking yet.
However, you can effectively let us know what you want.
A few "words" you use are:
"um" - I want to eat
"" - everyone is eating
"umb" - you are welcome or thank you
"orsh" - shoes, fish, horse
"booo" - ball or balloon
"jiejie" - sister ... Ashlyn
"korkor" -brother
"cheepcheep" - bird
"eow" - cat

You are a rather active baby.
Once you have your shoes on, you are ready to run even in a very crowded mall and that kinds of worry mummy quite a bit.

There is also the toilet training ... not really successful but there are times when you do pee in the toilet bowl.
When you do, you will laugh hapily as you hear the sound of the pee hitting the water in the toilet bowl.
Cute... very cute and usually I will laugh along with you.

You like to go to the big bookshelves to take out "older" books. You will bring them out and wave it around in the hope that someone will read to you. I hope I can put in a little more effort to read to you...

Monday, June 16, 2008

At 18 months...

Walking and running around the house is something that you like to do.
You like to go to the kitchen with me when I cook just so that you can have your biscuit treats.
You will point at the tub of biscuits and said,"" and nodding your head eagerly.
You also readily help to throw away your soiled diapers or any rubbish that needed to be thrown away.
You started to enjoy reading a bit more than before and reading to you is so much fun.
You enjoys playing with your sister, Ashlyn, and also enjoys irritating her at times too, such as taking away her pencil, ruler and eraser when she was doing her work.
You have also learnt simple manners like saying "welcome" after someone thanked you.
Everytime, we say "thank you" to you for doing a certain task, you will answer," Um..." and that is your version of "welcome.
You will call your sister by putting your hand out to motion her to come and say,"arh... arh..."
You also enjoyed music and dance.
When you hear a lively music, you will clap your hands, shake your body from side to side or shake your butt.
At times, you will also hum along.

Friday, May 9, 2008


When we reach the month of May, Aver finally started to walk.
When I say walk, I mean that she willingly, independently, pick herself up from the floor, stand on her two feet and start to walk.
Occasionally, she may lose her balance and land on her bottom but she will stand up and continue.
At times, she will still crawl as she gets around faster in that mode but we will call after her to walk.
And she does.
It started with getting her to help me bring the folded laundry to the destinated cupboards.
She held the folded laundry in her arms tightly and since she could not crawl with her hands occupied, she started to walk awkardly.
Since that particular day, she will try to walk.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Coming to 16 Months

Now you are reluntantly trying to walk.
You prefer to hold on to someone's hands and walk around.
With a lot of encouragement and cheering from Mummy, Daddy and Ash, you will try to stand on your own two feet and take a few steps independently.
You enjoy crawling to the shoe cabinets and attempt to wear the shoes there.
You also love to eat Cheerios and will always go in search of the little tub which stores the little treasure. And it seems like when we eat, you will also want to eat what we are eating.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

14 months and 11 days old

You are learning to stand independently and bravely took a step too.
However, you feel better having someone "walk" you.
You love putting on shoes to go for a "walk".
You also enjoy eating Cheerios and learning to bite off bits of it at a time.
That also means that you can be a bit messy.
You enjoy zipping and unzipping bags.
With the bags opened, you will pull everything out and then try to put everything back in again.
You like to bring board books to Mummy but simply will not stay still to be read to.
You have been put on the potty for potty training but you show your displeasure loudly.
Hence, Daddy and Mummy bought a training toilet seat to put over the toilet seat.
You accepted that better.
But toilet training has no success yet but Mummy decided to do it slowly rather than to force it upon you.
You enjoy smiling at people.
Waving at people around you, is the way you show that you are friendly.
You can be rather persistant in the things that you want and will definitely make it known loud and clear.
When you want something, you will go,"Ah, ah, ah..." while pointing at the item.
You enjoy dropping things onto the floor and then say,"uh..oh," looking at us innocently.
You enjoy listening to music.
So when the music starts, you will shake your head and do your little butt shake dance while seated.
Then you have also learnt that shaing your head means "No" while nodding means "Yes".
So when you dislike something, you will shake your head to tell us so and sometimes you will shake it violently to indicate your serious dislikes.
All in all, you are growing up happy and lively.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Reaching 14 Months old - 8 February 2008

At this stage, you should be walking soon so you enjoy practising with the help of your sister or anyone who is willing to entertain you.

There is also the start of potty training. However, you don't seems to enjoy sitting on the potty. So Daddy bought a small toilet seat to add on to our toilet bowl and you seem to like sitting there better.

There is the constant babbling..."ba ba" and so on.

Then there is the dancing when you hear music.
You also like to join your sister during piano practise time.
There is also the fetish over enjoy trying to put your feet into shoes...any shoes ... big or small.
The ugly rash is clearing up with God's merciful healing.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

At 13 Months - 20 January 2008

A month has passed since your birthday and you grew more teeth.
So with your growing teeth, nursing you can really be quite a painful experience.
On top of that, it is official that your rashes will get worse when Mummy consumes peanut.
Did just that two weeks ago, hence, your already healing rash came back in full force and that hurt Mummy quite a bit.
It does not help that Chinese New Year is round the corner.
Not only Mummy have to bite my lips and shake my head when I see new year goodies made on peanuts... Mummy's favourite.
But, you have less than 20 days to get the rashes healed again.
Toilet training will start soon, like the next day so that you can move on to diaper pants... big gal.
Then there is the walking... you still prefer to crawl as it gets you around faster then having to hold on to someone to walk.
Let see what will happen in a month's time.