Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two more months to 3 years old

You are really a demanding little girl who knows how to wrap everyone around your finger.
As you are the youngest in the household, you get your ways at time.
However, most of the time you would have to face Mummy and be satisfied with whatever Mummy gave you.

You enjoyed music and would also asked to listen to your Japanese songs whilst in the car.
These songs were also sang in school when you attend Japanese classes on certain days.
Hopefully, you would be able to pick up a third language easily with the exposure from school.

You also just started attending Sunday school.
You enjoyed it and promised that the next time you would not cry.

You seemed to have an immense interest in learning.
Hence, conducting homeschooling lessons at home in the evenings was an enjoyable process.

Friday, August 21, 2009

At 2 years and 9 months old...

It has been a long time since the last time Mummy updated your little space here.
Let see ...

Your love for books has lessen but has grown and would ask anyone to read to you.
You will insist to carry a book along with you when we are out.
This is very much like your sister.

You love to sing and will sing your way home in the car.
You also like to insist that your sister sang along with you.

You learn very fast and have been showing off to us what you have learnt in school.
Zoo phonics songs... naming shapes... naming animals...

Mummy tried to start some homeschooling with you but the progress is rather slow because of a lot of distractions.
Mummy will try harder to keep to the schedule.

You like to watch Barney, Tigger and Friends, Thomas the Tank, Mickey Mouse on Playhouse Disney...
Your favourite is still Tigger and he is your best-est friend.
You have a total of 5 Tiggers, each for different use.
Your 'rattle head' Tigger is your fave and you would cry for it when it went for a bathe.

You love to work on puzzles and so today I pulled out some from cold storage.
You worked on them independently the whole morning and enjoyed yourself.
Good work, little one!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 years and 1 month old going on 2 years 2 months old

Some of the things that you like to do at this stage are...

Looking pretty with your sister

Pulling and tugging at Daddy's chest and back hair.

Making funny faces when we whip out the camera to take a picture of you.

Trying to imitate your sister ... here you are trying to play the violin like your sister.

Eating soya bean tarts while we wait for your sister to finish music class.

Although you are still ale to articulate very well, you are very vocal.
You love to sing and usually you will be singing your "nonsense" song.
You love to "complain" to Daddy that Mummy had scolded you or vice versa.
You love to follow behind your sister in the hope that you can do the same stuffs as her.
You love to reach for the books on the shelves to read eventhough they are your sister's.