Monday, July 28, 2008

At 19 months...

You have not really established the art of talking yet.
However, you can effectively let us know what you want.
A few "words" you use are:
"um" - I want to eat
"" - everyone is eating
"umb" - you are welcome or thank you
"orsh" - shoes, fish, horse
"booo" - ball or balloon
"jiejie" - sister ... Ashlyn
"korkor" -brother
"cheepcheep" - bird
"eow" - cat

You are a rather active baby.
Once you have your shoes on, you are ready to run even in a very crowded mall and that kinds of worry mummy quite a bit.

There is also the toilet training ... not really successful but there are times when you do pee in the toilet bowl.
When you do, you will laugh hapily as you hear the sound of the pee hitting the water in the toilet bowl.
Cute... very cute and usually I will laugh along with you.

You like to go to the big bookshelves to take out "older" books. You will bring them out and wave it around in the hope that someone will read to you. I hope I can put in a little more effort to read to you...