Tuesday, February 26, 2008

14 months and 11 days old

You are learning to stand independently and bravely took a step too.
However, you feel better having someone "walk" you.
You love putting on shoes to go for a "walk".
You also enjoy eating Cheerios and learning to bite off bits of it at a time.
That also means that you can be a bit messy.
You enjoy zipping and unzipping bags.
With the bags opened, you will pull everything out and then try to put everything back in again.
You like to bring board books to Mummy but simply will not stay still to be read to.
You have been put on the potty for potty training but you show your displeasure loudly.
Hence, Daddy and Mummy bought a training toilet seat to put over the toilet seat.
You accepted that better.
But toilet training has no success yet but Mummy decided to do it slowly rather than to force it upon you.
You enjoy smiling at people.
Waving at people around you, is the way you show that you are friendly.
You can be rather persistant in the things that you want and will definitely make it known loud and clear.
When you want something, you will go,"Ah, ah, ah..." while pointing at the item.
You enjoy dropping things onto the floor and then say,"uh..oh," looking at us innocently.
You enjoy listening to music.
So when the music starts, you will shake your head and do your little butt shake dance while seated.
Then you have also learnt that shaing your head means "No" while nodding means "Yes".
So when you dislike something, you will shake your head to tell us so and sometimes you will shake it violently to indicate your serious dislikes.
All in all, you are growing up happy and lively.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Reaching 14 Months old - 8 February 2008

At this stage, you should be walking soon so you enjoy practising with the help of your sister or anyone who is willing to entertain you.

There is also the start of potty training. However, you don't seems to enjoy sitting on the potty. So Daddy bought a small toilet seat to add on to our toilet bowl and you seem to like sitting there better.

There is the constant babbling..."ba ba" and so on.

Then there is the dancing when you hear music.
You also like to join your sister during piano practise time.
There is also the fetish over shoes...you enjoy trying to put your feet into shoes...any shoes ... big or small.
The ugly rash is clearing up with God's merciful healing.