Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 years and 1 month old going on 2 years 2 months old

Some of the things that you like to do at this stage are...

Looking pretty with your sister

Pulling and tugging at Daddy's chest and back hair.

Making funny faces when we whip out the camera to take a picture of you.

Trying to imitate your sister ... here you are trying to play the violin like your sister.

Eating soya bean tarts while we wait for your sister to finish music class.

Although you are still ale to articulate very well, you are very vocal.
You love to sing and usually you will be singing your "nonsense" song.
You love to "complain" to Daddy that Mummy had scolded you or vice versa.
You love to follow behind your sister in the hope that you can do the same stuffs as her.
You love to reach for the books on the shelves to read eventhough they are your sister's.