Friday, November 21, 2008

What you say at 23 months

Your repertoire of words are increasing and it is so fun to hear you tell us what you want.

However, your promounciation is far from accurate and it tickles us to hear you talk and sometimes, we will be like playing a charade trying to guess what you are saying.

Such as...

"I wan nuk" - I want milk -> I want to drink milk

"Opin pease" - open please

"Ta que" - thank you

"I wan pay" - I want play -> I want to play

"I wan pit"- I want sweet -> I want to eat sweet

"Ar choo" - Bless you

"rid boo" - read book

"I wan ti ti" - I want sh sh -> I need to go use the bathroom

"I wan bid" - I want bed -> I want to lie down on the bed

"ta ow pease" - take out please

"I wan do" - I want do

"eat brid" - eat bread

"curi pease" - carry please -> Please carry me

Monday, November 3, 2008

22 months going on to 23 months

Daycare has been going on quite well.
Eczema comes and go but Mummy constantly pray for God's healing.
You have started to be able to "talk".
Your best spoken words are...
"Dou Wan!" (don't want"

You can be quite demanding and headstrong. You like to sing and will insist that others sing for you.
Your favourite songs are...
Row, row, row the boat
Apple tree
Itsy Bitsy Spider
The wheels on the bus

When you want us to sing, you will show us the action for each particular song and we will have to start singing. If Daddy does not sing, you will command," Daddy, sing!" and if Mummy doesn't sing, you will also command,"Mummy, sing!"

And if you want a change of song, you will command,"Stop! Chane (Change)!" then you will show us the action for the next song.
You like to take a book but sitting down to read seems to be kind of difficult.
You like to draw too.
Music is still your favourite... singing and dancing.
You will also try to have a go at the piano when Ash is practising.
You are in the process of toilet training but you ended up with quite a bit of soiled panties.
You also learn very fast. You learn through observing the people around you and then you will follow.
Your favourite food will be Japanese Cucumber Maki... but I think it is the seaweed that

you like best.