Monday, June 16, 2008

At 18 months...

Walking and running around the house is something that you like to do.
You like to go to the kitchen with me when I cook just so that you can have your biscuit treats.
You will point at the tub of biscuits and said,"" and nodding your head eagerly.
You also readily help to throw away your soiled diapers or any rubbish that needed to be thrown away.
You started to enjoy reading a bit more than before and reading to you is so much fun.
You enjoys playing with your sister, Ashlyn, and also enjoys irritating her at times too, such as taking away her pencil, ruler and eraser when she was doing her work.
You have also learnt simple manners like saying "welcome" after someone thanked you.
Everytime, we say "thank you" to you for doing a certain task, you will answer," Um..." and that is your version of "welcome.
You will call your sister by putting your hand out to motion her to come and say,"arh... arh..."
You also enjoyed music and dance.
When you hear a lively music, you will clap your hands, shake your body from side to side or shake your butt.
At times, you will also hum along.