Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 April 2007, Sunday - Lullaby

You started to sing to yourself when you are about to fall asleep. Yesterday, you were in the car seat and was about to doze off. You then started to "sing" as you doze off. You went," arhhhhhh... arhhhh...arhhhh...aaaarrrhhhh..." Today, it was the same and it is so cute to hear you "sing" along with me as you doze off.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

15 April 2007, Sunday - First taste of swimming

Yesterday, you went for your first swim at Raffles Town Club with your sister, cousins, Daddy, uncle and aunt.

Sad to say, I was not able to join you in the pool but I definitely took a lot of pictures of you.

Your experience in the pool was not all happy and fun. You were scared and cried a lot. You refused to let Daddy carry you and that upset him a bit. We think you did not really like his carpet chest.

So in the end, you were carried by your aunt... "kim kim". She carried you to play in the pool. After the swim, it was kim kim who bathed you too.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

21 March 2007, Wednesday - Mummy went off to work

Today is the day that Mummy have to return to work. So to ensure that you have enough milk, the day before, I had to expressed diligently. In total, I made sure that there was about 7.5 oz in the fridge. That should be enough to last for the four hours that I would be away at work.

Also I had to find a way to express while I was away from you so as not to have any engorged breasts and also to keep the supply up. So I had to packed my pump, 4 bottles and also the cooler bag and ice block into my bag. My bag was so heavy and big that everyone was curious what I was carrying.

I left the house at 11 a.m. with Daddy and Ashlyn, leaving you in the trusty hands of Mah Mah. At least you did not cry as walked out of the house. You seemed to know that I had to leave for work and accepted it well.

While at work , I could not stop thinking about you. Thinking whether you would be crying for me, whether you would be sleeping, whether you would drink the expressed milk from the milk bottle...and many others. So I called home a few times and because of that I woke you up from your sleep. I was so sorry.

According to Mah Mah, you were quite okay. You did cry but not for long as your crying was because you wanted to sleep. She said that you could drink from the milk bottle although you did cry to complain but because Mah Mah was an experienced mother and grandmother, her patience with you won you over. In the end you took 2.5oz of milk and fell asleep while drinking. It was the same for the 4p.m. feed. You drank 2.5 oz and fell asleep while drinking. I was glad to hear that and of course now I can put my heart at rest while I am at work.

When I finally returned home a little after 4p.m. and saw you soundly asleep, I was very happy. Somehow you also knew that we had returned home. You woke up and immediately looked for me. Mah Mah tried carrying you and your eyes were stuck onto me. They followed me wherever I went.

Because you missed me, you demanded to be fed directly almost every two hours. Well, although it was tiring to do so but guess you needed that extra assurance.

Overall, it was not a bad day except that I was down with a bad case of flu.

23 March 2007, Friday - Hair pulling

You have learnt a new skill. That is grabbing hold of my hair tightly and refusing to let go. So everytime when I want to change the position of carrying you, I have to do it slowly or I wouldend up hurting myself.

And it is time to seriously think about cutting my hair short!

13 March 2007, Tuesday - Turning on your side

You had been trying to turn onto your side for the past few days. Today, you managed to turn onto your left side and stayed in that position for about 30 seconds.

What do you like to do now?

1) Suck your fists and fingers

You have found your hands and they will go directly into your mouth when we are not looking.

2) Smile

You love to smile. As long as we smile to you, you will return us your brilliant smile.

3) "Talk"

You enjoy "talking" to yourself and to others. When we try to talk to you or call your name, you will smile and then start "talking" to us.

4) Watch your sister

Yes, you seems to be in love with your sister. Your eyes will follow her wherever she goes.

5) Listen to stories

Your sister has been assigned the task of reading to you in the afternoons while I cook dinner. You will lay quietly in the playpen and listen.

20 February, Tuesday

You have reached your two months mark. You are not two months and 4 days old. So far I have been coping with your demands quite well.

You still have not learned to sleep in the afternoons. So everyday from 3 pm onwards you will be awake and very unhappy. So I would carry you all the while. While carrying you, I would work, teach your sister and so on. I would have to carry you even if you do manage to fall asleep as you still do not want to sleep on your playpen in the afternoons. So I would carry you till 10 pm at night. By that time you would be very tired hence you would finally fall asleep and rest in your playpen.

In the nights, you do not wake up much. On an average you would wake up three times for your milk feed and then return to sleep.

1 February 2007, Thursday

Now you are six weeks and 5 days old. For the past one week and 5 days, I took care of you by myself in the day. So the days had been rather hectic.

You have grown so close to me that you refused to let me put you down on your bed when you sleep. You will wake up the moment your head touches the bed. So I had to carry you most of the time. in so doing, I have learnt to type and do my things with just one hand. By carrying you, I know I am spoiling you but I just cannot help it and it definitely beats hearing you cry.

As you hit the sixth week, you also learnt to make cute noises, your personal baby language. Daddy and myself love to hear you "talk" and would always repeat after you.

You had also learnt that by smiling you would get everyone all excited and happy. So despite the fact that I may be very tired carrying you the whole day, your smiles always melt my heart and it wash away all the tiredness.

Along with these moments, you also had learnt to poo massive amounts which the diapers could not contain. So your clothes are always dirtied. So in one day, you could have a change of 3 to 4 sets of clothes.

16 January 2007, Tuesday

Today you are officially one month old and I am officially freed from confinement.

You had been rather difficult with your crying for the last two weeks. But that had passed. Your confusion between day and night had also passed. Now, you seemed to be more co-operative when it comes to sleeping.

However,you are still drinking from one breast at each feed so I am not sure whether you are taking enough. Everyone who came and saw you said that you are relatively smaller than your sister when she was one month old. But I know you have grown because you can fill into the bodysuits now. Unlike before, the sleeves were very very long and your feet did not touch the ends of the body suits.

Unfortunately, pimples have started to break out on your face the week before. So now you are a pimple-faced baby. These pimples are nothing but milk rashes.

What can you do or like to do at this stage? Well. you can lift up your head to look at things. You are very interested in the black and white pictures that I put in your playpen. You liked to be carried to sleep and when you sleep. You like to poo all over your clothes and also right after a change of diaper!

8 January 2007, Monday

You are now 3 weeks and 2 days old. Have everything settled down into a routine yet? Maybe yeas and maybe no.

You had managed to change your sleep pattern. So now you are sleeping at night rather than keeping awake. This is good but in the day... you tend to be very cranky in the morning.

I was not sure whether it was because you were hungry or because of any ailments. i know that you were tired but you just could not get to sleep. So in the mornings, I was very tired and frustrated. I prayed that soon you will get over this phrase and settle into some routine that everyone in the household will be comfortable with.