Sunday, January 20, 2008

At 13 Months - 20 January 2008

A month has passed since your birthday and you grew more teeth.
So with your growing teeth, nursing you can really be quite a painful experience.
On top of that, it is official that your rashes will get worse when Mummy consumes peanut.
Did just that two weeks ago, hence, your already healing rash came back in full force and that hurt Mummy quite a bit.
It does not help that Chinese New Year is round the corner.
Not only Mummy have to bite my lips and shake my head when I see new year goodies made on peanuts... Mummy's favourite.
But, you have less than 20 days to get the rashes healed again.
Toilet training will start soon, like the next day so that you can move on to diaper pants... big gal.
Then there is the walking... you still prefer to crawl as it gets you around faster then having to hold on to someone to walk.
Let see what will happen in a month's time.