Tuesday, September 16, 2008

At 21 months

It has been one month since you started childcare.

You enjoyed school and did not put up a big fuss when you were in school.

However, when I pick you up in the afternoons, you will start to whine for my attention.

The past month also saw an increase in your vocabulary even though you are unable to pronounce them correctly.

At the same time, you are also learning to join two words together to form a short phase.

Such as ...
Mummy roll -> this is to indicate mummy rolling the sushi rolls for dinner.
Mummy hand -> indicating that it mummy's hand
Jie jie pain -> indicating a cut or a bruise on your Jie Jie

You have also learnt to say "mine" at the same time pointing to an item to indicate that it belongs to you.

You love to learn through imitating others. So we can teach you the letters of the alphabet by having you repeat after us one at a time. It is the same as counting from one to ten. Although you may not be able to pronounce them accurately, you will not hesitate to try. Mummy likes your sense of determination to learn new things.

This sense of determination also allows you to learn things fast. You learn by watching and observing carefully what others do and you will try to do it yourself next.

You have learnt to hold a pencil in the correct way because you observe how Mummy and Ash does it when we sit down and colour together.

You have learnt to feed yourself in school shortly within a week there as you watch and observe your older friends doing that. Although you were not very good at feeding yourself at the beginning but after three weeks, you have became more confident and have been doing a good job.

You enjoyed to have your hair tied when you see that Ash gets her tied too. You will wait patiently while Mummy ties Ash's hair so that I can tie yours too. All of us thinks that you look very cute with the teeny weeny pony tails.

You also eat a lot... you can much on your cornflakes and biscuits before the school serves breakfast, then eat the breakfast served by the school, lunch, a bottle of soy milk, breast milk when you reach home, more breast milk in between your nap, even more breast milk after your nap, followed by your dinner, thereafter it is spoonfuls of rice when we eat our dinner and, of course, you will end it with breast milk.

Well, Mummy is not very worried about all the eating and drinking as they are all healthy stuff.

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